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What is the consequence of the power at which Plutonium 239 explodes inside the living being?

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the phenomenon of nuclear explosion inside a cell is as follows from the perspective of the explosive power of Pu 239 heavy metal lodged in the cell:
" Note that a radioactive element (the radionuclide being Plutonium 239 or Radium 226 (mining uranium or in a coal fired plant, the flyash)) lodged in a living cell shooting a single 5.15 MeV alpha ray may deliver (5000000 to 6000000)x10^-19 Wattseconds(Joules) in 10^-17 seconds(Ref 2) to a DNA molecule in a cell weighing 512x10^-15 kg. The dose to the cell then is about 1000 mSv. The dose to the DNA weighing much less is much much more (a million times or so)! The dose to the cell is delivered at the rate of 50-60 KW or at a power surge of average muscle power of more than a thousand people!"
Thus the power which Pu239 delivers upon deposition of the energy of the alpha ray in a DNA in which it is lodged is 50000 to 60000 Megawatts(millions of watts). This is average power of a billion people! 
No wonder when this transfer of energy takes place into the DNA, the dose is a million Sieverts! Thus we see cell kills, epigenetic effects and bystander effects after generations of  initially undamaged cell/cells.
Added to this is the natural background radiation enhancment by  absorption of gamma rays by the heavy metal Pu 239 and subsequent emission of secondary photoelectrons whose effect is that of the deadly beta rays on the DNA.! This may go on continuously within living beings.
Thus such a high powered delivery of energy to DNA may cause damage over a wide area extending to cytoplasm and neighbouring cells. This may manifest in genomic instability including bystander effects expressed as cell death/mutations of very high frequency compared to controls and after several generations of cells. Thus the passage of a single track of Pu 239 alpha ray  results in cells exhibiting chromosome instability after several generations and derived from non-irradiated cells. Thus there is no safe dose of radiation! On the other hand there is tremendous amplification of a single alpha ray.Your health is compromised irreversibly. We are converted to nuclear wastes. This is an extinction level event.
Note that Y-90 decays with a maximum beta ray energy of 2.28 MeV. So the effects are so lethal because of the power of such explosive release that during the nuclear age from 1945, India has experienced a 95% confidence level average excess infant mortality of 23(central value) to 33 million from 1945 to 1999 compared to the pre-nuclear years prior to 1945 and the world similarly between 110 million(central value) to 133 excess million infant mortality. 
Epigenetics is the study of epigenetic inheritance, a set of reversible heritable changes in gene function or other cell phenotype that occur without a change in DNA sequence (genotype).See


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May 2002   CERRIE Paper 4/15 An overview of radiation-induced bystander effects


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Normal operations of nuclear fuel cycle, 1980 to 2012,synergistically complicit in causing 110 million infant mortalities worldwide and 10 million in India.

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The worldwide nuclear capacity grew from 135541 MW in 1980 to 376824 MW in 2011. Assuming a 0.1 % Cs137 inventory leak worldwide, the Cs137 leak increased from 481171 Ci in 1980 to 35905664 Ci in 2011. The Yearly Cumulative Indian Infant Mortality increased from 3295470 in 1980 to 65946980 in 2010. The excess Infant Mortality over that corresponding to the compound interest rate 2001/1980 grew from 0 in 1980 to 502228 in 2010 and cumulative excess from 1980 to 2010 was 9595642. Correspondingly the Worldwide Yearly Cumulative Infant Mortality grew from 45826169 to 1218625914 while the excess Infant Mortality over the compound interest rate 2001/1980 grew from 0 to 5493023 and the cumulative excess infant mortality grew to 105519521 in 2010. Note the logarithmic increases for both Indian and Worldwide excess Infant Mortality from year to year as the cumulative leak of Cs 137 builds up even at 0.1% of the inventory.
It is of especial concern to observe the Infant Mortality rate for 2011 and 2012 considering that Fukushima catastrophe started on 11 March 2011 and is ongoing.   Note from Figure 7 also that the increment in worldwide population is drastically significantly going down. Considering Fukushima disaster, the rise in 2011 as extrapolated may not turn out to be true. The 2011 figure based on UN estimate for the 2011 population may not turn out to be correct because of Fukushima ongoing extinction level event, especially regarding Infant Mortality and still births.

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